Shanghai Lansheng Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation Limited (briefed as "LSLI" or "the Company"), mainly specialized in international business, is a state-holding enterprise under Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. It was established from the restructuring of the former entities China Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Lansheng Corporation and Shanghai Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation Limited, who began cross-border trade in 1954 with a long robust history, prestige and experience, talents and qualifications.

LSLI is engaged in international business, covering tailored agent service for import and export, entrepot and domestic trade, and business advisory. Its owned and consigned products range in 20 major categories, from industrial goods, staple commodities, food and drinks, frozen chilled meat, alcoholic beverages, hazardous chemicals and medical supplies.

Over the six decades, the business philosophy of CIPS — Creditworthiness, Integrity, Professionalism, and Specialty has underlain LSLI's growth and accumulation. Thousands of factories have become the Company's designated suppliers, solid and sustainable bases for product processing.

Meanwhile, LSLI established and registered a few dozens iconic brands and trademarks, such as EGRET® lockset, LUDE® and BEE&FLOWER® shoe polish, 555® and BUMPER HARVEST® tableware and kitchenware,  FORWARD® footwear,  KOFA® and  ETERNA® stationery and office supplies,  PIONEER® sports

gears, LARK® and BESTLE® musical instruments, etc.

As of today, the Company is exporting to more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. It has forged sound partnership with over 2000 overseas clients – among whom most notably are CARRIER, CAINZ, LIU JO, HOHNER, MARUBENI, AUCHAN and ITOCHU. LSLI has sustained a steady average annual turnover of exceeding US$500 million.

Our Strategy

LSLI is reshaping the trade platform, focusing on the co-movement of import and export efficiencies, dual circulation of internal and external market, fusion of finance and commerce, interaction of regular trade and cross-border e-commerce, trade in goods and technologies.

Its reform and transition will help the Company unleash its brand potentials locally and internationally among the world's leading comprehensive trade service provider.