Footwear Co.

Footwear Co. specialises in producing and selling different varieties of shoes. With several decades of experience, the branch sustains lasting connections with dozens of domestic manufacturers.

Its products have gained popularity with reputable brands and clients, mainly in the US, Europe and Japan, who have been inspiring the team and sharing testimonials.

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Art. No.: HS001 Brand: HISPO® Category: Branch Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co.
Business Highlights
  • Entrenched Supplier of Footwear and Parts
    Deliver proactive, responsive support in co-design, production and export to overseas fashion brands.
  • Ingrained Quality Awareness in Continuous Improvement
    Help manufactures understand and comply with the standards and guidelines set by the clients and export countries.
  • Nationwide base of Verified Manufacturers
    Stand experienced in orchestrating concerted efforts in producing volume orders for shoes of any type.
  • Independent Factory Audit and Risk Control
    Perform fact-based onsite assessments and ongoing credit reviews to guarantee robustness and sustainability in the long run.