Footwear and Accessories Co.

Footwear and Accessories Co. has progressed since business integration in 2015 to a proactive department with a broader product range, enhanced service options and rapid market response.

Besides footwear, the branch expands the existing major product line of clothing, bags and luggage to other fashion accessories, in terms of production and export.

It specifically includes footwear and hosiery, clothing and belts, bags (designer bags, backpacks, purse and wallets, etc.) and luggage, headwear (caps and hats, headband and straps), scarves, gloves, sunglasses and opticals, jewellery and fashion accessories, water bottles, umbrellas and plush toys.

Product Centre
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Art. No.: HS001 Brand: HISPO® Category: Branch Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co.
Business Highlights
  • Forward-thinking Ideas and Creativity
    Gather a group of proactive innovators with over two decades of collaborative experience with leading fashion labels.
  • An Effective Business Restructuring
    Complement and expand existing product offerings and areas of expertise that are well-positioned to grow.
  • Predictable Match to Market Demands
    Align co-design and manufacturing resources more closely to clients' priorities and market trends.
  • Decentralised Design and Production Capabilities
    Setup several joint development centres and quality control teams in Shanghai, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Fuzhou, Jinjiang, and Guangzhou.