Shengda Co.

Shengda Co. is a branch of LSLI in the line of exporting bicycles and spare parts, motorcycle parts, sewing machinery and accessories for years. Bikes and components are currently available in a complete variety of diverse dimensions, specifically from road, hybrid, electric, mountain and BMX to kids' and adults' models.

It also act as an intermediary or an agent for import and export a wide range of merchandises, including: clothing, fabrics, pet toys, auto parts, marine fittings, hardware and escalators, etc.

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Art. No.: HS001 Brand: HISPO® Category: Branch Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co.
Business Highlights
  • Collective Years of Know-How
    Stand committed to safety, comfort, convenience and performance for riders of all lifestyles.
  • An Ideal Complement to Public Transport
    Preserve a most important part of traffic in less developed regions, as well as being a last mile solution in metropolitan areas.
  • A Co-advocate for Cycling Culture
    Help create a local subculture that craft an image of strength, positivity and healthy living.
  • Wheels Towards Carbon Neutrality
    Pay own contribution to sustainable cities in the form of eco-friendly products and informative guides.