Grand Luck Co.

Grand Luck Co. grows up as a musical instrument producer and exporter. With reliable service and products, this department of LSLI then diversifies its business line to shelves, aluminum kitchenware and inflatable toys, owning the LARK®, BESTLER® and HERO® brands.

Meanwhile, it is engaged as an intermediary or agent for household appliances and even rail transit equipment. From products as common as electric fans, bulbs to passenger information systems for rail transit, turn out marketable exports to dozens of countries and regions such as Germany, Japan and Brazil as well as being popular domestically.

Client-oriented and service-minded since commencement, Grand Luck Co. contributes to the seamless provision of sincere services and cost-effective products, through intimate and mutually beneficial partnership with vendors and clients.

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Art. No.: HS001 Brand: HISPO® Category: Branch Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co.
Business Highlights
  • A Tiny Window for Intercultural Understanding
    Became already not only a trader in musical instrument, but also a key member for National Cultural Programme.
  • A Business Generalist from Specialist
    Gain trusts and access to wider business opportunities by clients in different fields as a pragmatic and responsive supplier.
  • Continuous Brand Satisfaction to Loyalty
    Build and maintain a consistent brand identity with the local agent, translating consumer needs and dreams into tangible creations.
  • Repositioning of a century-old brand
    Revitalise LSLI’s heritage brands that symbolise a style and reliability that people gravitate toward.