Sunrise Co.
Shanghai Light Industrial Products (Sunrise) Import & Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sunrise”) is a subsidiary party of LSLI.
Gernano Merchant
Formed in 2013, Shanghai Gernano Merchant Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gernano”) is a LSLI-invested dealer in the line of high-quality imports.
Environmental Project Co.
In August 2016, thanks to the government-led efforts by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, LSLI introduced import trade professionals, and thus formed Environmental Project Co.
Household Chemicals Co.
Household Chemicals Co. is one of the innovative divisions of LSLI, initially engaged in shoe care and personal care products, then expand to home and hotel supplies in hundreds of specifications.
General Merchandise Co.
General Merchandise Co. is a primary sector of LSLI, supplying tools and hardware, labour protection gears, sportswear and apparatus, plastic packaging, and other household necessities in literally hundreds of choices to customers across the globe.
Hardware Co.
As a leading branch of LSLI, Hardware Co. for years has diversified its traditional business to cosmetics packaging, and even food and beverages, reaching customers across the Americas, Australia, Middle-East and Africa.
Household Utensils Co.
Household Utensils Co. is an exporter of self-owned kitchenware made of glass, enamel and stainless steel, as well as being an import and export intermediary for household and light industrial products.
Shengda Co.
Shengda Co. is a branch of LSLI in the line of exporting bicycles and spare parts, motorcycle parts, sewing machinery and accessories for years.
Footwear and Accessories Co.
Footwear and Accessories Co. has progressed since business integration in 2015 to a proactive department with broader product range, enhanced service options and rapid market response.
Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co.
Lansheng Stationery and Sporting Co. is one of the major sectors of LSLI formed in 1983.
Grand Luck Co.
Grand Luck Co. grows up as a musical instrument producer and exporter.
Footwear Co.
Footwear Co. specializes in producing and selling different sorts of shoes. With several decades of experience, the branch sustains lasting connections with dozens of domestic manufacturers.